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Arkansas PCA

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EnviroPhase is now servicing the state of Arkansas and specializes in Property Condition Assessments (PCA’s) to determine the general physical condition and maintenance status of a property. EnviroPhase will then recommend a differed maintenance and replacement schedule for long-term physical needs.

What to expect from an EnviroPhase PCA

Included in the EnviroPhase standard PCA services is a comprehensive review of the following:

  • Site and Grounds
  • Pavement
  • Structural Systems
  • Building Exterior
  • Interior Building Components
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Safety and Code Compliance
  • ADA Accessibility Compliance

pcaEnviroPhase can provide analysis of single building elements or entire building systems. EnviroPhase routinely provides multidisciplinary services required to develop a comprehensive understanding of a building and site improvements for buyers, sellers, and lenders of major commercial properties.

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