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Austin Wetlands

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What are Wetlands?

Wetlands can be identified as transitional zones between uplands and deep water. These areas are dependent on the presence of water for all or part of the time. Some wetland areas that do not have water in them year round are hard to recognize, however, their presence in landscape is still important. When these areas fill up with water during a flood or storm they can perform important wetland functions.

It may seem unlikely that a relatively dry state like Texas would have any wetland areas, however, Texas contains millions of acres of wetlands.

How can EnviroPhase help you with Wetlands?

EnviroPhase provides the following wetland services:

  • Preliminary Wetlands Delineations
  • Complete Wetlands Delineations
  • austin-wetlandsObtain Jurisdictional Determination from USACE
  • Section 404/10 (Wetlands) Permit Consultations
  • Section 404/10 Permits
  • Many other Permits (LADEQ, TCEQ, etc.)
  • Onsite Mitigation
  • Mitigation Brokerage
  • General Advice / Consultation
  • Second Opinions

Is EnviroPhase right for my Wetlands Consultation?

How do you know that EnviroPhase is right for your needs? EnviroPhase offers knowledgeable and professional information about all phases of the wetlands process. We offer lower fees with a fast turnaround time and professional service.

For more information on EnviroPhase wetlands services or to consult with a wetland professional about a wetland Area in Austin, Texas call (817) 266-5143.

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