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West Tennessee ESA Phase I

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Purpose of Phase I ESA in West Tennessee

EnviroPhase offers phase I Environmental Site Assessments in West Tennessee, to help identify and assess characteristics of sites that are of environmental concern. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments have become a common requirement of most commercial and industrial real estate transactions, including sales and refinances. Site assessments help protect all parties involved in a real estate transaction, especially the purchaser and lender, from future liability. Our assessments are used to support the needs of financing, real estate and banking institutions as well as governmental, commercial, industrial, insurance and private property owners and managers. If you are looking to have a phase I ESA consultation in West Tennessee, EnviroPhase can take action on your site with a fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

What does EnviroPhase do during a Phase I ESA?

EnviroPhase typically follows the following steps in a phase I ESA:

  • phase-iHistorical/Records Review: EnviroPhase will obtain and review the aerial photographs, city directories, and standard reference maps that will help identify and recognize environmental conditions in connection with both past and present use of the property.
  • Site Reconnaissance: An examination of the property is conducted for visible indicators of potential environmental conditions.
  • Individual Interviews: EnviroPhase interviews individuals familiar with the site and adjacent properties to provide information regarding the condition and uses of the property.
  • Agency Record Searches: EnviroPhase will conduct a thorough review of governmental agency archives for environmental permits and regulatory action on both the site and adjacent properties.
  • Report: EnviroPhase will produce comprehensive documentation of acquired information, sources, conclusions and recommendations based on ASTM 1527-97 format for Phase I ESA’s.
  • Client Meeting: When all data has been compiled we will meet to discuss and clarify key project findings and recommendations.

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