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Gas Station Tank Removal

tankremovalBecause gas station tank removal can be a complicated and dangerous process, EnviroPhase environmental consulting offers a slew of gas tank removal services specifically designed with your company’s needs in mind. EnviroPhase specializes in the safe removal of underground gas tank systems, also known as UST systems, as well as safely removing and disposing all the associated piping. A specially designed pump truck will safely pump out the contents of the old tank, which then will be either transferred or disposed of meeting all EPA regulations. The tank will then be opened and cleaned on-site, and then the surrounding area will be thoroughly checked for any contamination.

When underground gas tanks need to be removed from old gas stations, several requirements are needed to ensure safe transfer of material. Because of the hazardous nature of gas tank removal, it is always advised to hire an experienced UST removal company who has specific certification in UST removal. EnviroPhase has over 10 years of experience in the UST removal business along with the expertise to do the job right the first time. EnviroPhase only uses the most cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure that all tanks are removed safely with as much precision as possible.

Because there are so many environmental hazards associated with underground gas tanks, including the possible contamination of surrounding soil and groundwater, most states require the removal of any abandoned gas tanks by law. Because old gas tanks have a strong propensity of leaking, a thorough soil and groundwater sampling must be done prior to any UST removal. UST removal should only be done by an experienced, licensed tank removal company and should not be attempted by any person who does not have the proper training. Improper workmanship or materials could cause contaminants to migrate further, creating a larger and more costly environmental disaster.

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Noi Manylott

Ripsaw Development, Verdad Real Estate

We have utilized EnviroPhase’s services many times over the course of our professional
relationship. They have provided personalized and efficient service to us each time.

EnviroPhase hase completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Asbestos Surveys and Remediation Services for us.

Audra Gonzales, SVP

Rosemont Realty

EnviroPhase’s staff has consistently been flexible, knowledgeable, and considerate of our needs over the course of our relationship. Deadlines were always met and the process thoroughly explained.

Will Tolliver

Director of Retail Operations
Leon Capital Group

EnviroPhase provided helpful follow up after our project was completed. From start to finish, working with EnviroPhase has proven to be a pleasant experience.

Our company highly recommends EnviroPhase for your next project.

Robert L. Williams

Centric Capital Partners, Inc.

EnviroPhase has completed ESA Phase I & II, Storage Tank Removals, Asbestos Abatements and Remediation Services. Their professionalism, promptness, and strong background in environmental services are why we continue to use them for our projects.

Konstantine Bakintas

Baird Hampton & Brown

EnviroPhase has completed several Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for our company, including the Golden Triangle Center, Montero Medical Campus, Heritage Trace Office Park and several other 1 to 10 acre developments. They’ve provided personalized and efficient service each time; deadlines for always met and the process thoroughly explained.

We highly recommend EnviroPhase for your next project.

Kim L. Macy, C.E.T.

Location Manager
Alliance Geotechnical Group

We have utilized Envirophase’s services many times and they have provided personalized and efficient service to us each time. Deadlines were always met and they also provided helpful follow up after a project was completed.

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