ProLogis Data Campus (Former NTT/Dell)

Information Technology
Location: Plano, TX

Challenge: Potential for inspection and abatement of asbestos containing materials in a 300,000 SF portion of former NTT Data / Dell campus in Plano, Texas.

Services Performed:  Asbestos testing, air monitoring and consulting

Results:  EnviroPhase performed the asbestos pre-demolition inspection of this property. Daily inspection progress was above industry standard with each inspector completing up to 15,000 SF per day of homogeneous material identification, quantification, and sampling. The competitive bids called for a total of 15 to 20 days for completion of the sampling at this campus. enviroPhase completed the sampling around 10 days. The total sampling of this campus was around 1,000 samples.

This is an example where EnviroPhase brings value to our clients. Competitive companies may have collected up to half the samples for the same timeframe and cost. This may have had potential for future change orders to the client. EnviroPhase minimizes the potential for future change orders by doing the proper research and forecasting to best meet the client’s needs.