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San Antonio ESA Phase II

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EnviroPhase conducts subsurface studies of soil and groundwater to determine the location and extent of impacts from historical land uses. Phase II investigations are recommended when the results of our Phase I ESAs indicate the potential or actual existence of subsurface contamination. This enables us to provide a higher level of confidence about the degree of environmental risk associated with a particular site based on the site’s current and historical uses identified in the Phase I ESA.

What is involved in Phase II ESA?

EnviroPhase takes the following steps when conducting a Phase II ESA in San Antonio:

  • Sampling: Samples of building material and stored waste are collected and analyzed for potentially hazardous environmental conditions.
  • Testing: Groundwater, soil vapor, and soil sample tests are performed to determine the existence of petroleum contamination; the presence of volatile organic or heavy metal compounds; or toxic/hazardous waste characteristics.
  • easphase2Surveys: Comprehensive surveys of the site are performed to determine the presence of lead-based paint, asbestos, radon, and lead-in-water.
  • Report: EnviroPhase will prepare a detailed report of the methodology, findings, and conclusions.
  • Client Meeting: When all data has been compiled we will meet to discuss and clarify key project finding and recommendations.

Why You Should Choose EnviroPhase for your Phase II ESA

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